Photography Workshops

I have never been that classroom instructor kind of guy. But, I do love to share my experience. During the photoshoot, we will be discussing every aspect of a photoshoot. You can expect to be shooting a quality model with professional hair and makeup. Themes will consist of creative portraiture, fashion, mood, beauty and artistic nude (depending on the model). You will learn how I light my subjects, what modifiers and other gear I use and camera/flash settings. You will see how I direct the model to get ‘that look’ I want. I’ll shoot for a bit and then make suggestions as you shoot. The workshop Fees are $250. Or if you want to share the spot with another photographer it would be $190 each, or with two other photographers for $150 each. When you book, I will give you dates and model names for you to select your date. The full amount of the fee is collected at the time of booking.


HEY PHOTOGRAPHERS....Ever notice how most photographs start to look the same after a while? I mean, how many photos of models have you seen?  How many butterflies or flowers?  How many interchangeable landscapes?  How many near-identical "street photos"? With so many photographers out there, and with great cameras and editing software becoming more and more popular, the whole field of photography sometimes feels as if it's becoming repetitive in the extreme. 

Which is why I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to recommend something different. Something that can make your photography stand out. And even make you feel more excited about being a photographer than ever. It sure did for me and changed by editing style and photographs forever. I cannot recommend this enough.

Check it all out by clicking on the image to the right and save $200, an exclusive price arrangement for Colby Files Photography customers.

This changes everything.

Colby Files
PS: I can see this reinvigorating your love of photography (and real photo art) in a big way. The possibilities are endless, and can easily become the one thing setting you apart from all of the other photographers out there.