Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is your specialty?
A. I specialize in creative artistic female portraits, model shoots/portfolios, and fine art. I enjoy creating digital art composites using my photos combined with other photo elements to create an art piece. Please note: I do not shoot events, weddings, ceremonies, pets, children, or male portraits at this time.

Q. Do you shoot in studio, or on location?
A. I shoot studio, location, in AirBnb's and in clients homes. Arizona offers amazing location and background scenery's. My home studio is located in Surprise, AZ.

Q. Are you a full time photographer, or is this a part-time hobby?
A. I have been doing photography off-and-on for 35 years. I am now a full time freelance photographer and loving it. I often say "more than a hobby, but not quite a full time job".

Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. Simply fill out my short
online interest form and then 
schedule your shoot by clicking the "Book a Session" button on the lower right hand side of every page on the website. 

Q. Do you have any references?
A. Absolutely. I would encourage you to message any model/client I have worked with to discuss my level of professionalism. You should do this for any photographer you are considering. My Facebook page will link you to models I have shot.

Q. Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?
A. Absolutely. If you bring an escort please bring only one and someone that will not create stress or impede our creative efforts. Just know that I might put your escort to work. Please do not bring children to the studio.

Q. What about hair and makeup?
A. Most of my packages INCLUDE professional hair and makeup artists (MUA). If you prefer to do your own, that is fine and we can adjust the price a bit.

Q. Do you do TFP work?
A. TFP is 'trade for pictures". In other words, trade photography services for modeling services. On rare cases I will consider shooting experienced professional models TFP. If you have a great concept in mind or are interested in working with me on one of my projects, please contact me. Models will be required to provide professional hair and makeup on TFP shoots. 

Q. Will I get a CD?
A. No. I deliver unedited proofs and high resolution edited photos on this website. I deliver web-sized resolution images in a folder for you via DropBox.

Q. Can I edit the photos myself?
A. No. If you want a photo edited, talk to me about what you are looking for and I'll edit it. The model release explicitly states that the images may not be altered in anyway except by me.

Q. What about wardrobe?
A. What you wear is entirely up to you. It's your shoot. Everything from skimpy (or less) to full gowns. Any and all wardrobe should be in good condition, ironed or steamed and be camera ready to shoot. Please don’t come with clothes crunched up in the bottom of a bag. Bring on hangers so we can place them on a rack and view each outfit to decide the look we want to shoot. Bring heels and accessories.

Q. Do I have to sign a model release?
A. Yes. All photographers are bound by the same legalities. No photo’s can be taken without a model release. ID's to confirm legal age is required.

Q. How are payments handled?
A. I accept cash, credit/debit cards Venmo, and Paypal payments. The "Book a Session" button at the lower right of this pages will collect either deposit or full payment (depending on the package). No refunds for deposits if client does not keep the appointment, however the shoot can be rescheduled with no loss of the deposit.

Q. Do you photograph children, students or families?
A. No, I do not shoot children, family, events or pet portraits. 

Q. Do you pay professional models?
A. On occasion. If I have a project in mind, or a technique I want to practice, I will hire experience professional models to work with me. 

Q. I am not a professional model. I don't know how to pose and I am a bit nervous about it all
A. Even the pro's get nervous before shoots. But, we will provide a very fun, light environment and help you feel at ease. Usually the jitters disappear after a few shots. I love to play music and joke around. Don't worry about it. I'll direct the show. :)

Q. Do you shoot nudes?
A. Yes. If the model or client wants tastefully done artistic nude photos, we will discuss the ideas, agree on poses and proceed with utmost professionalism. I do not shoot "open leg" or porn. Classy photos can also be obtained with "implied nudity" meaning the photos may be taken in the nude, but private parts are not exposed to the camera in the shots. Note to young models: DO NOT allow any photographer to convince you that you must have "a few nude photos" in your portfolio. While, it can certainly be a beautiful art-form, it is a personal choice and NOT a modeling requirement. Make your choice wisely.

Q. Is there anything that you will NOT shoot?
A. Yes. I don’t shoot with snakes, smoking shots, or guns. I have nothing against that, but just not interested in those shoots. I also try to avoid cliches such as: Caution tape, color pop on black and white, awkward "Hand Bra" done out of modesty, oriental umbrella, blood and guts, railroad tracks, "X" taped over the nipples, model giving the bird, boobs pressed against the shower glass, balloons, schoolgirl, lollypop, large picture frame as prop, stilettos with thong undies being pulled by the heels, posed on motorcycle, anything with an apple, swimsuit or panty teasingly pulled down on one side, white face with bright red lipstick as the focal point. etc. Sure, we all have some of those in our ports...but let’s see if we can be a little more creative. :)



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