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I have worked with Karla as both a model and makeup artist. Some of my favorite female portraits are with her. I asked Karla to tell us a little about herself and would like to introduce her to you. 

Makeup is my passion and "the" entertainment world is my future. I love people! I love helping people feel beautiful and confident. Being a girl who grew up with more insecurities than I could list, it's refreshing to bring smiles to all around me. I'm a licensed medical aesthetician and a certified Pro Makeup Artist. In my spare time, I'm finishing my communications degree. I want to become a better public speaker and businesswoman. I love everything Disney! If I could make a living being a Disney princess, I would make that my next job! I'm an old soul who loves old music. Including everything from Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dr. hook, The Beach Boys all the way to Michael Buble, Garth Brooks and Cher! I love nature and traveling. If I had any superpower, it would be teleporting because I hate sitting in airplanes, but I love visiting new places! My 20's have been a roller-coaster and it's by far the most scariest ride of my life! I'm anxious, but yet so excited for what the future will bring me next!





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