Barnstorm Tour 2018

May 29, 2018  •  2 Comments

In just a few days I am departing for a two week photography tour. I am excited and admittedly a little nervous as I embark on the adventure...alone. At 70 years old (well, will be in July), I decided if I don't do this now, I might not ever. So….away I go.

I do have a few model photoshoots arranged in Albuquerque, Sante Fe, Colorado Springs and in NW Kansas. But this trip is not just about shooting models. I can do that at home every day of the week. The focus of this trip is to explore new genres of photography and stretching my skill sets to include landscape, scenery, nature, storm chasing, and aerial.

I grew up in a small rural farming community so plan to spend some time there shooting farms and barns, wheat fields, grain elevators, windmills and maybe some animals. The sunrises and sunsets in Kansas and Nebraska are the kind that make you drop to your knees in awe of their beauty. I’ll shoot that.

My sister recently sent me some incredible sky photos of a storm that looked like a tornado could drop at any moment. I’ll be there in the middle of tornado season so expect me to be ready camera in hand.

Also in Kansas...there are no darker skies anywhere. The nearest city is Denver (250 miles away). I would love to experiment with some night sky photography. Hopefully I can stay awake past my normal bed time of 8:30pm and capture some beautiful milky way type sky photos.

In Colorado, I plan to shoot landscape and scenery images of rivers, lakes, majestic mountains and all the glory the rocky mountains have to offer. I lived in a Denver suburb until my junior year in high school (long before legal weed), so this will be a bit of a revisit to those stomping grounds. Monte Vista and Durango are destinations that position themselves right in the middle of the rockies best.

In New Mexico, I plan to shoot some of the amazing missions, churches and adobe styled buildings. I have a bohemian style fashion photo shoot in Sante Fe.

I purchased a Mavic Pro drone for this trip and plan to shoot some aerial video. I have considered spreading my wings into video for several years...this just might be my transition event.

Watch my social feeds for photos and maybe some live streaming.




Looking forward to see your photos!
Safe travels sir! It sounds like every day will be an adventure!
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