If you don't want nude photos on the web, don't take nude photos!

April 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This Beautiful Traveling Nude Model is Ariel Arielita What the hell? Two days in a row I have been asked to remove nude photos from either my website or other social media. Seriously? One instance was a shoot from over 5 years ago...and she was PAID. I am glad that even way back then I got a model releases signed. At least she was civil about it and I did honor the request. 

The second instance the model blew up on me because a nude was posted on one of my art photo sharing sites. Over two years ago. A civil conversation would have been nice. Now, all photos of this model has been removed from all my sites. 

But...here is the problem. I can remove photos from this website and the handful of social medial sites I post to, but who knows how many times those photos were shared, screen-shotted, re-posted and who knows what all. Just because a new boyfriend, or significant other, is now less than thrilled with the fact that you took nude photos does not mean they will go away. It does not mean that a photographer is required to take them down either. He holds the copyright even if no model release was signed. In my case, I don't ever shoot without a model release and complete understanding of what our shoot objectives are. 

Newsflash...I shoot classy artistic nude photos. If you as a model bring nude poses in our shoot just know that I might use that photo. IF YOU DON'T WANT NUDE PHOTOS POSTED ON THE INTERNET...DON'T SHOOT NUDE PHOTOS. Ever. 

Of course any reputable photographer is going to honor the models perimeters. No reputable photographer would ever post a nip slip, or nude behind the scenes shot. That is pure sleaze-ball stuff. These are entirely different things and involves an entirely different conversation.

The beautiful model is Ariel Arielita



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