Check out my new/vintage Mamiya C330 Film Camera

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This is the camera I first learned how to shoot with in the late sixties. I shot for my college and local newspapers. Did all the darkroom developing and printing. Those were some fun days. So, I picked this little baby up on eBay a few weeks ago and ran a roll of film though it. 

Processing is a lot different now. I mailed the exposed film to a place called The Darkroom. Within a week, I got an email with a link to where I could download the developed and scanned images. The negatives and the CD will also be mailed to me. Pretty nifty. 

After locating and downloading a users Manual, I took this little gem to the desert and gave it a little spin. The camera does not have an internal light meter so I took my Sekonic L-358 meter with me along with my tripod. I shot all 12 photos and made notes of what my camera settings were and what the light metered at. I bracketed each shot by one f-stop. It was a very bright day, no clouds, early in the morning with the sun about 40 degrees up on the horizon...just enough to be out of my frame. I shot in the direction of the sun. 

The film I used is the Kodak T-MAX 400. Supposedly the "Worlds Sharpest" film. Indeed the images did come back sharp. Too sharp for my liking. Almost like cranking up the clarity in Lightroom to the max. I will order some 100 asa film with a more regular contrast for my next outing. 

My camera settings for the shown photo were 1/125 second at f22. My light meter gave me f29. But, these old cameras do not have aperture settings at one third stops. 

So, regarding the photo...the sky was totally blown out white because there were no clouds (and also because of the camera settings and film type) I cheated and added some clouds in photoshop. But the rest of the image is right out of the camera. 

I had a blast playing with the camera and can't wait to get a model in front of it. Just to do something new and different.  

1/125.f22 metered at f29 towards sun

And....with a little Photoshop action....the same photo. 

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