Get Aurora's Sketch Book

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Once in a while you meet people that just radiate talent. Aurora O'Brien is one of those people. Her passion for art is evident in everything she does. From modeling, to painting, acting, her cosplay booths at Comicon, and now her book publishing. Aurora and I have collaborated on several modeling projects in the past and are planning something epic for this fall. We met for lunch last week to discuss these plans and in general just talked about what we love...ART. Its always a pleasure to sit down with such a talent and share our passions with each other.

I would like to encourage you to support this wonderful artist and grab a copy of Aurora's sketch book. See for yourself the talent exploding from the pages. Click on this image to go to her page. The images further below are iPhone pics of some of the pages I snapped from my copy. 

Aurora's SketchbookAurora's Sketchbook Aurora's SketchbookAurora's Sketchbook Aurora's SketchbookAurora's Sketchbook



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