Photoshoot Planning and Thrift Store Awesomeness

June 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Trench Coat Zips upward from below breasts   Split in front and back

We all do it, right? Browse through the thrift stores for a hidden treasure. Props, clothing....weird shit? I have a shoot coming up tomorrow with Carmen Bay. I always love working with a model that is proactive in planning the shoot. We have been in contact for this shoot for months now. The last few weeks we really stepped up our communications and developed a phenomenal mood board. We both hit the thrift stores and here are a few of our finds. Added to the equation that Carmen has a very creative spirit and a "do whatever it takes get the shot" kind of mentality, we should really knock out some cool art. 

Skull and beak This black faux leather trench coat zips from just below the breast line and is split open below the zipper in front and back. Goodwill price: $12.99. Maybe we'll add a black mask or blindfold, or some kick ass boots...or some other cool props. 

And check out the hawk/eagle skull that Carmen found at her thrift store. THIS is how you plan for a shoot. I can't wait to get into the studio, and I know you can't wait for the photos. Win Win. 



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