New Re-branding Logo for Photography

November 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have wanted to start putting a logo back on my photos for social media posts for a while now. I was struggling with what kind of logo I wanted. It had to be something that is sleek and elegant rather than a large obnoxious symbol or banner. I ultimately decided on a simple but interesting signature logo after seeing an ad on Facebook from a service that creates these logos. 

The reason I decided to go with this style is it just made sense to me. When an artist finishes a piece of work, they always sign it. The signature is a unique and timeless way of identifying who created the work. Artists have been doing this since the beginning of time. It’s a tried, tested and true identifier. So, I am transitioning this practice into this modern day digital age, with a signature logo just like artists always have and always will.

I promise to keep it small and not distracting to my art. And if the logo just doesn't work...I won't use it on that photo. I hope you like it...let me know what you think. The lovely model who is the first to wear my new brand is Allie Wright




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