The Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

January 04, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Getting to work with professional photographers, models, hair and makeup artists is one of the most fun, energy filled, fast paced experiences I have ever been a part of. After a successful model shoot, I am beat up, sore and exhausted...and the models will tell you the same thing. For a model, hitting and holding that pose is like doing 3 hours of yoga. For the photographer its squatting for getting that perfect angle, on your knees, lying on the floor, climbing ladders, etc etc. If it sounds like I am me, I am not. I love my job.

In the videos below, you will get to see what it is like to work on the set with these professionals. Perhaps one day, I’ll have a video made during one of my shoots.

The first video is with one of my most favorite photographers Arthur St. John. This is a good example of how a team comes together to create incredibly beautiful images.

Note: You may have to move the volume sliders below each video to get sound.

In this second video, Luxbot Lacheln is recorded during one of her shoots from some years back. It is a good example of how great models move fluidly to hit poses. I have had the opportunity to work with this amazing international model and we are planning more shoots. The final result of a photo shoot is highly dependent on the experience and skills of both model and photographer. Lacheln ranks at the top of my list of best models I have had the pleasure to shoot.
This final video is an example of how a model can work on a simple white background and yet give dozens of poses. Posing and facial expressions are what separates the novice from the professionals. The way to improve both is to practice, practice and more practice.



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