Models: Should you have nudes in your portfolio?

December 30, 2012  •  1 Comment

Should models do nude photography? Will it affect your modeling career? Who can you trust to do the photography? What are your rights after the photos are processed? Inevitably, every model will have to answer these questions. The correct answers lie in each person individually, how you choose your photographer and your approach the shoot.

Artistic Nude Image First of all, there is no rule that says you have to do nude photography. I know an agency owner, well known for her instructing, who has never been photographed, or even seen, in a bikini...let alone nude. Do not allow anyone to convince you that a few nude photographs in your portfolio are necessary. Conversely, accept that tastefully presented artistic nude portraits is not career suicide. This is a personal choice decision.

A few simple planning steps are certainly worth considering once you have decided to commission a photographer for a nude shoot. More than likely you have several photographers in your Facebook friend list. Research their personal websites or Model Mayhem accounts to view how they present nudes. How well are the models posed? If you see spread eagle photo’s or breasts simply aired to the wind, move on to the next person. Pay attention to artistic concepts, use of light, color, focus, lines and curves. Are the post processing techniques esthetically appealing? See what catches your eye and note them.

Interview your photographer. Have a vision of what you want in your photos and explain it to your photographer. Talk openly with them and ask questions. Proceed with a photographer only if you feel completely comfortable and confident in them.

Discuss the ownership or licensing rights of your photographs. If you do not want to see your photos show up on social networking sites, make that a firm requirement of your contract. Discuss tagging that can be indexed by the search engines. The bottom line is communicate with your photographer and make sure you understand and agree to the terms of the contract/release.

After delivery of your photos ask yourself if you LOVE them. If you do, make it a part of your portfolio, own it, and be proud of your magnificent artistic creation. Anything less than love it, archive it. If you are not completely happy with the photo, chances are others will not be either.

Artistically manifested, there is no more beautiful image than that of the male and female form. Still, each individual can and should decide if they want to reveal theirs to the world. If you do, embrace it, enjoy it and be proud of it

There is much more that can be discussed on this topic, but perhaps this can be a starting point for you while contemplating this decision.



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