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A short time-lapse shot with my dji Osmo Pocket. Great little camera and simple to use to create awesome videos.



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Karla I have worked with Karla as both a model and makeup artist. Some of my favorite female portraits are with her. I asked Karla to tell us a little about herself and would like to introduce her to you. 

Makeup is my passion and "the" entertainment world is my future. I love people! I love helping people feel beautiful and confident. Being a girl who grew up with more insecurities than I could list, it's refreshing to bring smiles to all around me. I'm a licensed medical aesthetician and a certified Pro Makeup Artist. In my spare time, I'm finishing my communications degree. I want to become a better public speaker and businesswoman. I love everything Disney! If I could make a living being a Disney princess, I would make that my next job! I'm an old soul who loves old music. Including everything from Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dr. hook, The Beach Boys all the way to Michael Buble, Garth Brooks and Cher! I love nature and traveling. If I had any superpower, it would be teleporting because I hate sitting in airplanes, but I love visiting new places! My 20's have been a roller-coaster and it's by far the most scariest ride of my life! I'm anxious, but yet so excited for what the future will bring me next!




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Colby Files Promo Reel I have ventured into the study of Adobe Premier Pro video editing software. I have always wanted to incorporate a little video into my photoshoots and maybe do some V-blogging. This is one of my first creations. I figured that I might as well learn some tricks and procedures on my own photography business promotion. Please feel free to comment



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Full of Energy

Nikole 'Simpson' Mitchelle

Nikole describes herself as a kickass life coach who helps leaders, dreamers, and celebrities create the life of their dreams from the inside out. If you are looking to change the direction of your life to get the things you want or need, we highly recommend you give Nikole a call. View Nikoles gallery here.


Here is a short slideshow video of unedited photos from the shoot with Nikole




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We spent a few weeks In Europe in October, 2019. During the adventure we visited Italy, Switzerland and France. The is a 6 minute video of a tourists look at Venice, Italy. 


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Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Pocket Flash Dual Head mount Check out my new most favorite flash setup. The Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Pocket Flash with Dual Head mount. Each flash can be used separately or can double the output when two flashes are inserted into the dual head mount. Throw in TTL and HSS for location shoots and you have a wonderful flash setup with infinite possibilities.     


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A personal Milestone I don't talk much about my Flickr account. I don't promote it locally or nationally because I feel that Facebook is where I am best represented for that. I have purposely directed my Flickr presence to Europe viewers. I can remember 8 years ago when I was over the moon about reaching 50,000 views on my page. I think I might have bragged on that achievement, which I now think is pretty funny. Yesterday the page hit 50 Million views. I wonder if in 5 years, I will be laughing about this new milestone. lol  


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Barnstorm Tour 2018

In just a few days I am departing for a two week photography tour. I am excited and admittedly a little nervous as I embark on the adventure...alone. At 70 years old (well, will be in July), I decided if I don't do this now, I might not ever. So….away I go.

I do have a few model photoshoots arranged in Albuquerque, Sante Fe, Colorado Springs and in NW Kansas. But this trip is not just about shooting models. I can do that at home every day of the week. The focus of this trip is to explore new genres of photography and stretching my skill sets to include landscape, scenery, nature, storm chasing, and aerial.

I grew up in a small rural farming community so plan to spend some time there shooting farms and barns, wheat fields, grain elevators, windmills and maybe some animals. The sunrises and sunsets in Kansas and Nebraska are the kind that make you drop to your knees in awe of their beauty. I’ll shoot that.

My sister recently sent me some incredible sky photos of a storm that looked like a tornado could drop at any moment. I’ll be there in the middle of tornado season so expect me to be ready camera in hand.

Also in Kansas...there are no darker skies anywhere. The nearest city is Denver (250 miles away). I would love to experiment with some night sky photography. Hopefully I can stay awake past my normal bed time of 8:30pm and capture some beautiful milky way type sky photos.

In Colorado, I plan to shoot landscape and scenery images of rivers, lakes, majestic mountains and all the glory the rocky mountains have to offer. I lived in a Denver suburb until my junior year in high school (long before legal weed), so this will be a bit of a revisit to those stomping grounds. Monte Vista and Durango are destinations that position themselves right in the middle of the rockies best.

In New Mexico, I plan to shoot some of the amazing missions, churches and adobe styled buildings. I have a bohemian style fashion photo shoot in Sante Fe.

I purchased a Mavic Pro drone for this trip and plan to shoot some aerial video. I have considered spreading my wings into video for several years...this just might be my transition event.

Watch my social feeds for photos and maybe some live streaming.



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I sell my model photos….full disclosure

I am proud to be a member of a group of the worlds best digital artists. I am a student in this class learning how to create composites from my photos. While this group of amazing artists are the best at what they do, most are not photographers. So, I am providing many of the artists in this group edited and unedited model images to be used in their composites. These world class editors only make our work look better.

I actually do this in a couple ways. By providing the group/class 20 images per month, my fees to take classes are waived. Additionally, for those artists who choose to, can purchase additionally images from various stock photo sites. 

As the photographer and copyright holder of my images I am fully within my rights to do whatever I wish with my images, including selling or licensing them. On the other hand, I also pass through commercial rights to my models so that they can also sell posters, prints etc etc. 




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Beautiful photography for you...

I have been 'pinning' some favorite photos to my Pinterest account. If you love photography as much as I do, you will love these photos. Check out categories such as fine art, night photography, streets of life, abstract, cities-towns and villages, farms and barns, landscape, churches, breathtaking sky images....and much more. These photos are from the best photographers around the world.

Check it out here.

If you would like an invitation to my secret boards (not for public consumption), send me the email address associated with your Pinterest account and I'll add you. 



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Check out my new/vintage Mamiya C330 Film Camera




This is the camera I first learned how to shoot with in the late sixties. I shot for my college and local newspapers. Did all the darkroom developing and printing. Those were some fun days. So, I picked this little baby up on eBay a few weeks ago and ran a roll of film though it. 

Processing is a lot different now. I mailed the exposed film to a place called The Darkroom. Within a week, I got an email with a link to where I could download the developed and scanned images. The negatives and the CD will also be mailed to me. Pretty nifty. 

After locating and downloading a users Manual, I took this little gem to the desert and gave it a little spin. The camera does not have an internal light meter so I took my Sekonic L-358 meter with me along with my tripod. I shot all 12 photos and made notes of what my camera settings were and what the light metered at. I bracketed each shot by one f-stop. It was a very bright day, no clouds, early in the morning with the sun about 40 degrees up on the horizon...just enough to be out of my frame. I shot in the direction of the sun. 

The film I used is the Kodak T-MAX 400. Supposedly the "Worlds Sharpest" film. Indeed the images did come back sharp. Too sharp for my liking. Almost like cranking up the clarity in Lightroom to the max. I will order some 100 asa film with a more regular contrast for my next outing. 

My camera settings for the shown photo were 1/125 second at f22. My light meter gave me f29. But, these old cameras do not have aperture settings at one third stops. 

So, regarding the photo...the sky was totally blown out white because there were no clouds (and also because of the camera settings and film type) I cheated and added some clouds in photoshop. But the rest of the image is right out of the camera. 

I had a blast playing with the camera and can't wait to get a model in front of it. Just to do something new and different.  

1/125.f22 metered at f29 towards sun

And....with a little Photoshop action....the same photo. 

1/125.f22 metered at f29 towards sun




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Hey Guard...Heyyyyy Gaurd....HEY GUARD Fun Composite that I did with a photo from my shoot with model Kris Tine. I hope to get back to doing more of these's so much fun.  Hey Guard...Heyyyyy Gaurd....HEY GUARDHey Guard...Heyyyyy Gaurd....HEY GUARD


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) art colbyfiles composite fashion modeling thecolbyfiles Wed, 26 Apr 2017 14:07:39 GMT
If you don't want nude photos on the web, don't take nude photos!

This Beautiful Traveling Nude Model is Ariel Arielita What the hell? Two days in a row I have been asked to remove nude photos from either my website or other social media. Seriously? One instance was a shoot from over 5 years ago...and she was PAID. I am glad that even way back then I got a model releases signed. At least she was civil about it and I did honor the request. 

The second instance the model blew up on me because a nude was posted on one of my art photo sharing sites. Over two years ago. A civil conversation would have been nice. Now, all photos of this model has been removed from all my sites. is the problem. I can remove photos from this website and the handful of social medial sites I post to, but who knows how many times those photos were shared, screen-shotted, re-posted and who knows what all. Just because a new boyfriend, or significant other, is now less than thrilled with the fact that you took nude photos does not mean they will go away. It does not mean that a photographer is required to take them down either. He holds the copyright even if no model release was signed. In my case, I don't ever shoot without a model release and complete understanding of what our shoot objectives are. 

Newsflash...I shoot classy artistic nude photos. If you as a model bring nude poses in our shoot just know that I might use that photo. IF YOU DON'T WANT NUDE PHOTOS POSTED ON THE INTERNET...DON'T SHOOT NUDE PHOTOS. Ever. 

Of course any reputable photographer is going to honor the models perimeters. No reputable photographer would ever post a nip slip, or nude behind the scenes shot. That is pure sleaze-ball stuff. These are entirely different things and involves an entirely different conversation.

The beautiful model is Ariel Arielita


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) art artistic nude blog colbyfiles fashion modeling thecolbyfiles Fri, 21 Apr 2017 19:40:15 GMT
What the hell is so wrong with the Pepsi ad? I honestly don't see anything wrong with the Pepsi ad. Political correctness is really going too far. Seriously? I thought it was very cool, well done and had a good message of love and unity.  


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad beauty colbyfiles fashion modeling pho photography thecolbyfiles Thu, 06 Apr 2017 16:10:04 GMT
Three seconds later…the cop walks up

Model Peyton Drew There is a back story to every photo shoot. Some are more interesting than others, but there is always a story. This is one.

On a foggy morning at El Matador Beach in Malibu, CA (don’t you love how I started this?) I shot with the beautiful model Peyton Drew. This shoot was in the making for several years. I first had conversations with her when she lived in Indiana, long before she moved to Palm Springs.

We actually had a fair amount of pre-shoot planning conversations. Our plan was to shoot various beach fashion looks along with some beautiful artistic nude (implied) poses on the beach. The second part of the plan was tossed out for the most part because the beaches were busy this day.

We drove into a beach access point that provided majestic overviews of the ocean and cliffs of El Matador. Drew made the comment that “I can’t believe all this it’s usually sunny and clear.” Of course, as a photographer, I was thrilled with the fog...I mean after all how often does an Arizona based photographer get to shoot in FOG? As it turns out, the fog did indeed contribute an appealing dynamic to the photos outcome.

Model Peyton Drew We discovered this amazing pedestal point on the edge of a steep cliff that provided a perfect place for Peyton to pose, set up some lights and shot swimwear looks for maybe 45 minutes. The fog kept changing in density and the ambiance was an absolute photographers dream. We had not encountered a single person during the shoot and was happy about that.

Peyton wanted a bare back shot with slight side boob. Something very sexy but slightly emotional and dramatic. We found a spot on a secluded part of the trail that went along the cliff line and set up for the shot. I clicked off maybe six shots all the while adjusting the strobe light and camera settings. I could see through the lens that like the others, this was going to be a beautiful shot.

A few seconds after I snapped the first photo shown in this blog, Peyton suddenly ducked down behind that bush. I was like “what the hell?” Then I heard the deep assertive voice commanding her to put a top on. My stomach dropped when I realized that a cop walked right up to our shooting set. The second thing the cop said was “I’ll need to see your ID young lady” as he was glaring at me. Thank god, I had already confirmed that my model was of legal age...otherwise this story would be much different.

Model Peyton Drew The officer asked to see my permit. I knew this was coming...right? So, playing the naive photographer role I told him I did not know that I needed a permit. After explaining to me that in order to shoot commercial photography on a state beach a permit and insurance rider is required. Now, if you are a photographer you already know how to answer to this: ”We are just friends, this is not a commercial shoot. We are shooting pictures simply for our own pleasure.” The cop laughed and said that he has heard that excuse a thousand times. Because I had a strobe light, in a beauty dish, on a stand, shooting with a long lens on an expensive looking camera...the cop said “you can say whatever you want but this is considered a commercial shoot”.

So, I was getting a ticket for “Commercial Filmmaking” with no permit and Peyton was going to be cited for nudity. He pulled each of us to the side and questioned us...Peyton first. When it was my turn we ended up having a decent conversation and I was able to convince him to just charge me and let Peyton off the hook. Peyton was very relieved and asked if she could give the cop a hug. He said NO, lol.

The next part was the worst part of all. He asked me to give him the memory card from my camera. I was told that after I pay my fine, I will be able to petition the courts to have it returned to me, but he had to confiscate it for evidence. I argued, pleaded and begged him to not take the SD card. I offered to delete the six topless shots we took, all to no avail. He warned me that he would be in his legal rights to confiscate ALL my gear including the camera if he choose to. I forfeited the card thereby losing all the photos from the shoot.

Model Peyton Drew We left the state beach area to find a place to shoot on a private beach. Trust me, that is not an easy proposition and has another story all of its own, but not for this blog.

Later that evening, I began looking at the photos from the rest of the day and realized that I was vindicated to some degree. YAY. I had my camera set to record the images to both my SD card and CF card. (The Canon 5DM3 can read to two cards). I had the entire shoot on the CF card. Hence, I am able to share the photos here on my website, on my social medias and soon to be published in LUXX Magazine. Stick that in your pipe officer Gunn.

I have been trying to pay my ticket for a few weeks now. So far, the Santa Monica Court does not have the ticket paperwork it seems. Strange. Anyway, I will update this blog after I finally get it paid. I am a little nervous how much this is going to cost me.

Some lessons learned. Plan your shoots. Get a permit. Find secluded areas to shoot. Make damn sure your model is 18. Avoid the alien nation of California all-together. Shoot on foggy days. Make sure your camera is writing to both memory cards. Make sure you shoot model is as beautiful as Peyton Drew. Don't piss off the cops. 

UPDATE 4-28-17: The fine was $239. Are the photos I got that day worth it? Damn right. 

You can view all of Peyton's images in her gallery 


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Photo Shoot Time-Lapse Watch a recent five hour photo shoot in 31 seconds with model Lindsey Lockhart and MUA Ann Phelan Bourget Hughes. Photo shoot time-lapse with model Lindsey Lockhart and MUA Ann Phelan Bourget Hughes  


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) art beauty colbyfiles fashion modeling photo shoot thecolbyfiles time-lapse Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:49:49 GMT
A Tale of Abuse I wanted to share this story on my website. It belongs to a digital artist friend of mine you created a beautiful composite using one of my photos to post along with her powerful story. The model in the composite is the beautiful Kris Tine. Enjoy this fine piece of art and then scroll down to read the story A Tale of AbuseModel Kris Tine Digital Art Charlene Rose

A Tale of Abuse" 

For anyone who has suffered abuse and has problems with "triggers" you may not want to read through this. Please do so only if you feel you can. Thanks to Sebastian Michaels for the amazing place to do this work together and to Colby Files for the use of his beautiful MG photograph. Most every other image was from Pixabay. 

In support of all agencies who help those who are abused I dedicate this image. I will explore the possibilities, but shelters and interval homes are my charity of choice to approach. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who may still be suffering abuse or have known this kind of abuse. We are kindred spirits even though that was never our intention. 

I personally grew up in a very abusive childhood home and like so many, I ended up living with my own abuser (my first husband). I met him when I was 14 and moved in with him at 15. He was 20 and had his own car and apartment, lots of booze - all part of the allure. It wasn't long before he began to have blackouts while he drank himself into a stupor. He would at times be so violent I often locked myself in the bathroom so I could sleep in the bathtub to stay safe. When he was in a blackout there was no telling what could happen, and he had hunting rifles and shotguns in the home, so I had good reason to be afraid. He was often physically abusive and left marks on my body that I always lied about and explained away ... but people over time, came to know that what I was saying wasn't true. Some people tried to help me, and even though I knew staying was insane, I was even more terrified to leave - because I didn't know what he was capable of doing ... and we've all heard enough horror stories. I did not want to become one of those statistics so I stayed for almost 8 years in total. Even repeating that now seems impossible for me to have stayed so long. 

I had a neighbour who heard EVERYTHING that was going on. Most of the time he stayed out of it and never really ever spoke to me, but he was like a guardian angel. If he heard us have a terrible fight (and yes often things were being smashed and broken) he would wait to see how I faired. If he heard me "singing and playing my guitar" - the same old songs - "I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane" and "Take Me Home Country Roads", he knew I was "okay" - or as okay as I could be given the circumstances. But if I was beaten to the point of locking myself in the bathroom and there was no sound coming from my guitar, he would call the police to check to see if I was still alive! The police then would come by and ask me if I was okay and if I wanted to leave or lay charges, but I always said I was fine and they would leave even though they could see I had sometimes been badly hurt (back then they could not lay charges without the victims consent - but Canadian laws have changed now and if there is evidence of abuse the police can lay the charge directly). It may seem so bizarre that someone would live such a life, but it happens more often than most even want to know about. And it is often generational. 

How did I get out you might ask? Well I had a baby - my beautiful daughter Pam who was only 8 months old when I finally mustered the ability to leave. During a fight one night my ex tried to pull her out of my arms and swore he'd take her from me so I let go so he wouldn't hurt her, but I planned my escape that day. The next week, he attended a "union meeting" that would take at least 2 hrs and then there would be drinking afterwards. So I called three of my very closest family and friends and they came and we packed up as fast as we could - fleeing with baby clothes, my daughter's crib, my own clothes and one pot and one fry pan, one photo album ... and my pillow. That was all I could dare to stay to get and even then I shivered and shook almost to the point of losing my teeth that chattered so badly - but finally we were going to be safe! I went to stay with my eldest brother (who was 6ft 250lb compared to my ex's 5'9 140 lbs) who warded off visits and/or phone calls from my ex and his mother until i could get legal advice. Fortunately for me things ended up going well overall - but not without a huge fight for my own independence and safety for my daughter. So many do not end up like this - I was definitely one of the lucky ones. 

It was the scariest time of my life - but led me to the most glorious life possible. I too struggled with addiction, but didn't realize how far it had gotten out of hand until I was on my own trying to raise my daughter. It was then that I could no longer look to "him" and his issues, I had to look at my own. I had already been to Alanon for over 2 years by then and had finally become willing and ready to go to a recovery program

The good news part of this story ... as of June 1, 2017 I will be 32 years sober and I never again allowed another person to abuse me. It's been quite the journey and one that I am writing a book about ... and so far I have reached chapter 8. So the story is still ongoing ... but I can assure you that with the changes I made I was able to help so many others to see what abuse really was and give them information about how to get out. Some did while others didn't - and no matter the reason, I know I cannot judge them - they must live their own journey their own destiny. But as for me and my daughter I am grateful that I am not only a survivor but a THRIVER. 

P.S. My husband Keith - my very best friend and confidant and all round amazing human being told me this was my very best piece of artwork to date ... now that touched me very deeply and goes to show you how very very different my life is today. Thanks for listening. And if you have any other suggestions of any group who might be able to use my image - I plan to donate it to anyone who is interested in using it for the good of bringing awareness and to help as many people as possible to end abuse of ANY KIND.


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Charlene Rose abuse art artistic nude beauty colbyfiles powerful story thecolbyfiles Tue, 21 Mar 2017 14:07:02 GMT
East coast Fashion meets Westend Girl West End GirlModel Jessica Jewel VanGaalen MUA Ivy Landaverde Born and raised in Arizona, Jessica VanGaalen knew she wanted to be an actress from the time she could talk. After completing high school, she went on to ASU with a presidential scholarship where she received her Bachelor's in Film and a Minor in Theatre. At that time she also began traveling abroad and even relocated to Australia for two years. She always knew she wanted to be an actress, but was taken by surprise when she got signed to be a Model at age 19. After that, she took a few years off from Acting and Modeling to travel the world and focus on other passions. She began modeling full time in 2014 and hasn't looked back! Since then, she's also gone on to compete in pageants, where she was crowned the 2016 Miss Arizona US International and 2017 Miss Southwest United Continents. She's a signed Model & Actress in Arizona with International publication and plans to relocate to California at the end of 2017. Check out all of Jessica's images in her gallery on the website.   


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Jessica Jewel VanGaalen art artistic nude beauty colbyfiles fashion modeling thecolbyfiles Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:30:22 GMT
Fine Art Nude at its Finest

The Naked Truth.....

Fine art nude has become one of my most favorite genres to shoot. The classic style of photographing the female form has always been a loved and widely excepted expression of back centuries. Every once in a while a photographer and model strike gold in their efforts to create this kind of beauty. This was the case with model Jazzi Min and myself on a recent shoot. 

Model Jazzi Min


Model Jazzi Min

Model Jazzi Min


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Jazzi Min artistic nudes colbyfiles photography thecolbyfiles Sat, 28 Jan 2017 15:08:29 GMT
Behind the Scenes Video with Model Misa Edwards

A behind the scenes video for a magazine staring with the beautiful and amazing Misa Edwards. Video was shot by my friend Arthur St. John. Karla Bowers was the MUA.

Model Misa Edwards


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) behind the scenes colby files colbyfiles fashion modeling thecolbyfiles video Sun, 13 Nov 2016 15:10:53 GMT
New Re-branding Logo for Photography

I have wanted to start putting a logo back on my photos for social media posts for a while now. I was struggling with what kind of logo I wanted. It had to be something that is sleek and elegant rather than a large obnoxious symbol or banner. I ultimately decided on a simple but interesting signature logo after seeing an ad on Facebook from a service that creates these logos. 

The reason I decided to go with this style is it just made sense to me. When an artist finishes a piece of work, they always sign it. The signature is a unique and timeless way of identifying who created the work. Artists have been doing this since the beginning of time. It’s a tried, tested and true identifier. So, I am transitioning this practice into this modern day digital age, with a signature logo just like artists always have and always will.

I promise to keep it small and not distracting to my art. And if the logo just doesn't work...I won't use it on that photo. I hope you like it...let me know what you think. The lovely model who is the first to wear my new brand is Allie Wright



(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) art beauty blog colbyfiles logo photography thecolbyfiles Fri, 04 Nov 2016 18:58:56 GMT
My new t-shirt Yesterday, I ordered a t-shirt with this image on it. I really like how this will look on a black shirt. I ordered the shirt from Customink. If anyone knows of a really good, reasonably priced t-shirt house, please let me know. I'll let you know how the shirt looks when it comes in. The beautiful model on this shirt is Lesslee King.  ]]> (Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) art beauty blog colby files glamour lesslee king t-shirt the thecolbyfiles Thu, 20 Oct 2016 14:25:51 GMT Megan Brock Featured Model in Surreal Beauty Magazine

It is always fun to see your work in print. Below are tear sheets from Megan's magazine feature.

Meagan Brock Feature Meagan Brock Feature Meagan Brock Feature

Meagan Brock Feature Meagan Brock Back Cover  


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Tenebrous Magazine Cover with Allie Summers

Allie Summers Cover of Tenebrous Magazine Some models just have that special quality that sets them apart from the pack. Allie Summers is one of those models. This photo of Allie was recently featured on the cover of Tenebrous Magazine. Tenebrous is a periodical that features only redhead models. Other photos from our shoot were feature on the rear cover along with a 12 feature spread at the front of the magazine. 

Allie and I will be hosting a workshop for photographers and models in November. Details are to follow. You can view all of Allies images here.


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Artistic Nude Set with model Jami Watts

I am really loving the artistic nude images that photographers around the globe are creating. So many great ones like Tait Phoenix, John P. Dunnigan, Lawrence Drayton, BmanPhotos, and many many hundreds more. I am especially inspired by the fine art nude photographers posting on favorite photography sharing site. I have always injected classy nudity into my images, but mostly in a beauty kind of genre. For most of the rest of this year, I will predominately shooting fine art nude in black and white format. My ultimate goal is to create a table book using these images. If you are a model also interested in this genre, please message me and we'll talk.

This set of photos was shot with Jami Watts in December 2015 and I have been sitting on most of them. The video below consists of unedited images from our shoot. I hope you enjoy


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Portraits that look back at you Allie SummersAllie SummersAllie Summers Not all photos are a huge hit on social medias. In fact, this photo did not get a single comment, and very few likes on Facebook. Pretty much the same result from twitter and Instagram. But who cares...I like it and that is all that is important to me. I will say, this image got a very high rating on 500px, which in my opinion is the best photo sharing site in the entire world for photographers. 

Anyway, I love the mood, the vibe and Allie Summers is one of my most favorite models. We will be shooting again in the will be great as always. 


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Ashley Paige published in Surreal Beauty Magazine

I was thrilled when Kathy Richards (publisher) contacted me asking if she could publish Ashley's photos in Surreal Beauty Magazine. I don't often do magazine submissions, but am always willing to give up photos when approached by magazines. I love to see the models get published. 

Model Ashley Paige - Surreal Beauty Magazine Model Ashley Paige - Surreal Beauty Magazine Model Ashley Paige - Surreal Beauty Magazine


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Trois Gymnopédies: Gymnopédie No.1

No words....just beautiful art

Trois Gymnopédies: Gymnopédie No.1


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Published in Photography Masterclass Magazine

Its always nice to see your work published in print. I am especially excited to be featured in Photography Masterclass Magazine. If you are interested in subscribing to this really well done magazine, you can get a free three month subscription here

Congratulations to my models Katrina Coon and Alana Rae Canez, and MUA Dania Blanco.

Model Alana Rae Canez

Model Katrina Coon, MUA Dania Blanco


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Elements of a Great Photo

Poetry in Motion SeriesPoetry in Motion SeriesModel VikTory There are three kinds of photos. Good photos, very good photos and great photos. I appreciate them all. I am occasionally asked what it takes to create a "great" fashion art or fine art photo. So, I am going to share what I believe it takes to make a GREAT photo. You will probably notice the simplicity of this's actually pretty straight forward. Since I shoot models...this article is about shooting models. Right? 

First, you must have a great, beautiful, professional model. A professional model knows and understands how to position her body relative to the camera POV. She envisions how the lens is "seeing" her pose. She knows where the light is coming from and adjusts her pose accordingly. A professional model poses without hesitation or reluctance. She just brings it...taking chances. Actually an entire blog/article can be written on this topic, but these are a few important points. 

Poetry in Motion SeriesPoetry in Motion SeriesModel VikTory Secondly, you must have an experienced professional hair and makeup artist. Don't fool yourself, for your photos to stand out, this is a critical component of process. Seek out great hair and makeup artists and pay them. Let your HMUA's get creative. Trust their artistic skills. Try not to direct your MUA too much...let the art flow from the professionals. 

Third. The intangibles. You MUST have at least one of these: A great location, prop, wardrobe or concept. You can't just say..."go stand there" and expect and expect something great. Sometimes all it takes is a simple prop. Maybe you have found an amazing vintage dress to build your mood board around. Location, location, location...this is the hard part, for me anyway, but it can make the photo. Imagine a concept that will invoke some sort of emotion or something that tells a story. 

Forth element is the light...and shadows. Volumes can and have been written on this topic, but it only stands to reason that you need wonderful light on our subject

Last, a great edit. You have your great model, a creative MUA, the intangible and directed an amazing photo shoot. But, the edit is the final piece of the puzzle that MUST be skillfully crafted, interesting and has an some aspect that makes the photo pop. Practice and study every day to improve that part of your trade. 

If you don't have all five of these elements in your photo, you will probably have a very good image. Not every photo we create will be a "Great" photo, but it should always be our goal. 

View more images from my shoot with the amazing model VikTory here


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Get Aurora's Sketch Book

Once in a while you meet people that just radiate talent. Aurora O'Brien is one of those people. Her passion for art is evident in everything she does. From modeling, to painting, acting, her cosplay booths at Comicon, and now her book publishing. Aurora and I have collaborated on several modeling projects in the past and are planning something epic for this fall. We met for lunch last week to discuss these plans and in general just talked about what we love...ART. Its always a pleasure to sit down with such a talent and share our passions with each other.

I would like to encourage you to support this wonderful artist and grab a copy of Aurora's sketch book. See for yourself the talent exploding from the pages. Click on this image to go to her page. The images further below are iPhone pics of some of the pages I snapped from my copy. 

Aurora's SketchbookAurora's Sketchbook Aurora's SketchbookAurora's Sketchbook Aurora's SketchbookAurora's Sketchbook


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A photo should tell a story....or two, or three

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly crackedA true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked We all love a photo that tells a story. When I shot this image of Carmen Bay, I used a brown egg to kinda match her skin tone. However when I looked at it on the computer it just did not work. So, I decided to put a while cracked egg and other objects in her hands to see what might happen. Each photo tells a different story. Which is your favorite? 

With the "egg" concept (not my original idea, I have seen multiple versions of the basic concept), we can create a different story just by using a different caption. I normally like to let the viewer of my photos develop their own interpretation, but observe how the story changes as you read different captions: "A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked"; "I always like stories where someone gets egg on their face"; "Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken"; "The goodness of a good egg cannot make up for the badness of a bad one"; "An egg is always an adventure; the next one may be different"; "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". "Don't end up with egg on your face". 

A bird in the hand is worth two in the BushA bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush For the second version of the image, I decided to put a bird nest with a couple baby birds in her hands. You can create your own interpretation, or if you are old, like me, you might remember this phrase: "A bird in hand is worth two in the Bush". Yeah, I like that one. 

For something completely different the third version blends an artistic nude photo with the cosmos. Why not? After all, what does the artist do? He draws connections by tying invisible threads between things. He dives into history, be it the history of mankind, the geological history of the Earth or the beginning and end of the cosmos. Right? "The birth of the cosmos", "the Big Bang theory". 

I love story telling with In her hands she has the whole wide cosmos...In her hands she has the whole wide cosmos... photography. I think there is a place for humor at times. If an images draws ANY kind of emotion then I feel that is a successful image. You can comment...I would love to hear YOUR story(s). Oh, and you can see more of Carmen in her gallery.

Hair, makeup and lighting assistant Dania Blanco




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Photoshoot Planning and Thrift Store Awesomeness

Trench Coat Zips upward from below breasts   Split in front and back

We all do it, right? Browse through the thrift stores for a hidden treasure. Props, clothing....weird shit? I have a shoot coming up tomorrow with Carmen Bay. I always love working with a model that is proactive in planning the shoot. We have been in contact for this shoot for months now. The last few weeks we really stepped up our communications and developed a phenomenal mood board. We both hit the thrift stores and here are a few of our finds. Added to the equation that Carmen has a very creative spirit and a "do whatever it takes get the shot" kind of mentality, we should really knock out some cool art. 

Skull and beak This black faux leather trench coat zips from just below the breast line and is split open below the zipper in front and back. Goodwill price: $12.99. Maybe we'll add a black mask or blindfold, or some kick ass boots...or some other cool props. 

And check out the hawk/eagle skull that Carmen found at her thrift store. THIS is how you plan for a shoot. I can't wait to get into the studio, and I know you can't wait for the photos. Win Win. 


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Shooting Beauty

Drea Nicole BeautyDrea Nicole Beauty About six months ago I made the decision to get in one "Beauty" look at the end of each photoshoot. I wanted to commit to improving my "beauty" editing skills and techniques. Perhaps the amazing edits we see on covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other publications intrigued me enough to want to get a small taste of how to edit beauty. 

So, for those who do follow my work, you have seen a portrait vibe beauty shot from almost all of my shoots. Fashion art, fine art, mood and artistic nude is where I live and where my heart is, but this "beauty" work has grown on me. Trust me when I say while I will never reach the level of the graphic artists that edit for the major magazines, it has been a blast to practice and learn what I now consider 'decent quality' basic beauty editing skill. 

I am learning that there is a fine line in female portraiture where the image is highly glamorous but yet natural and exceedingly over photoshopped. In my edits, I try to leave some natural skin features such as lines, moles, etc etc. For me, it's important to never blur the image as a skin retouching technique. 

First off, to get a good beauty shot you MUST have an amazingly talented professional makeup artist (in the case of this photo Dania Blanco). If you don't start with good makeup you will probably not have a great outcome. In this image of model Drea Nicole, much of what I am talking about is visible. Obviously the makeup is good. Secondly, Drea has uncanny perfect skin so the editing process is half done before I even start. If you look at Drea's arms, stomach and chest you will see alot of natural skin featuring. 

On the face, there a few things in the photo worth mentioning. The specular highlights in Drea's eyes are the result of the tri-flector kit that I use for all of my beauty shots. I turn off all the studio lights and while looking into the models eyes move the reflectors until I get the effect I want. For the skin I clone at a very high opacity over imperfections, being careful to not blur any pixels. Dodge and burn are beauty editors best friends. By burning under the cheek bones, around the eyes and jawline you can mold the face and accentuate the makeup. Its the D&B that creates depth in the face and makes features and highlights pop. 

Beauty editing is just a matter of practice. Anyone can do it. Its a skill a photographer can sell. You can't easily sell art...unless you are really good, and I am just not that good. But you CAN sell portrait work. My plan is to hopefully sell female portraiture in order to fund my other artistic dreams. 

You can view Drea's entire photo gallery here


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I Will No Longer Use A Watermark On My Photos LydiaLydia

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now. Whenever I create an image that I totally love and then try to find a place on the art to stick my watermark, I find myself asking “why the hell am I doing this”?. The bottomline, for me at least, is WATERMARKS LOOK UGLY AND GET IN THE WAY OF THE ART.

So, I have decided to do something that I know my fellow photographer friends will question and think I have lost my mind.

HERE IT IS: From now on (or at least until something happens to change my mind) all my photos will be licensed Creative Commons Non-Commercial. That means, as long as I am given credit and a link back to, anyone can use my images on their blogs, wallpaper, personal use – anything – as long as it is not used commercially.

Why am I doing this?
Okay, so here are some of the reasons:

1) Watermarks look ugly. Plain and simple.

2) I don’t have to maintain two versions of each image – one with a watermark and one without.

3) I choose to quit worrying about my images getting stolen.
Legitimate companies do not steal images to use commercially. So I don’t see logical fear there. As image search and recognition technology gets better and better, there will be no need to watermark things from a copyright perspective. In a very short time, we’ll be able to use online tools to find the original creator of an image. There are already services, like Google Reverse Image Search, and an app called TinEye that can help me easily find bottom-feeders that DO use my images commercially.

"Haunted" with Drea Nicole"Haunted" with Drea Nicole The bottom line...It does not matter. if someone wants to steal your image they indeed will. If you don’t want your 

images to get stolen, don’t put them on the internet. Simple as that.

I have registered most of my images with the copyright office and will continue until I get them all registered. I might be wrong, but if someone uses an image commercially without a proper license, it might be an easy lawsuit. Even then, I suppose the bottom feeder could claim they simply “repurposed” my art under the Fair Use provision of copyright law. So again, if we don’t want our images to get stolen, don’t put them on the internet.

4) More Google Juice
NOT using watermarks and using creative commons might encourage more and more people to use my image freely for fun, which in turn might increase my web traffic. Plus, if more people link to my images, the more Google juice that flows down the river, right?

5) Advertising via the watermark? Who cares?
Fact of the matter is, I will never make much money doing this. Instead of getting noticed by the watermark, perhaps the link backs might result in some print or download sales, and perhaps some paying portraiture clients. But, to think that my watermark might help me get noticed by someone that would like to shoot with me? Ridiculous. Let’s be real...if someone likes a photo, they can look in the description field for the credits information. Almost all social media platforms have my name right next to the image, even if it’s shared. So much for the advertising argument.   

6) Lastly...THE EGO. GET OVER IT.

Besides the reasons stated above, perhaps the biggest reason I have watermarked my photos is my big fat ego. What a joke. Who do I think I am? Picasso? Ansel Adams? “Look at my amazing photo and see my logo?....that’s me”. LMAO. The important thing should be that the viewer enjoyed the art...or not.

So, I am turning a leaf. From now on it’s all about the art, just the art and nothing but the art. No logos. No watermarks. No chest pounding. No grandstanding. No more big deal about copyright infringements. Instead, if you like it...use it. If you like it...make it your wallpaper, use it in your blog, repost, share it, whatever you want. And if you are an upstanding member of the arts community, you’ll give me credit and link back.  BUT MOSTLY: Just enjoy it.

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The Sand Dunes Series

In April of this year, my good friend and fellow photographer C. Edward Brice and I, took a couple models to the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma, Arizona. We encountered interesting weather, had amazing clouds, and basically everything just worked. Though the photos appear to be in a hot desert, it was actually rather chilly. We had rain and the wind was blowing. Our models, Madison Kaapke and Jami Watts were real troupers in getting past the elements and helping to create these amazing photos. This entire series is featured on my website under the "Featured Series" tab...or just click here

As always...I would love to hear your thoughts. Just click the "Leave a Comment" tab.


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"Haunted" with Model Brea Nicole

Sometimes things just click. Art is made. This series may be some of the most beautiful works of art for me yet.

"Haunted" with Drea Nicole"Haunted" with Drea Nicole "Haunted" with Drea Nicole"Haunted" with Drea Nicole

You can view more of Drea in her gallery on this website. Thanks to the always amazing Dania Blanco for her hair and makeup talents and injecting herself into the creative process.

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iPhone photo

Always trying new things, I recently shot a set with my iPhone. I am pretty impressed with how good of an image you can get with a cell phone camera these days. What do you think? I now realize that a good chef probably COULD prepare a fabulous meal with a single hot plate (referencing the popular photographer/chef joke...if you don't know it, see below). 

iPhone Photo with Michelle BastetiPhone Photo with Michelle Bastet

I had my hair and makeup artist hold a LED light off to the side of the model to create some lighting drama. I did a little editing in PS to include some skin smoothing (model had great skin so very little skin retouching), and a bit of color/light adjustments and that's about it. For me, the lesson here is that its all about the light and how you use it. Someone said, its not the tool, but how you hold it. Thanks to the team for playing along with the iPhone concept. Model is Michelle Bastet and hair, makeup and lighting assistant is Dania Blanco You can see all of Michele's photos in her gallery page

So, that joke...a group of artists are invited for dinner by a famous chef. in greeting the photographer, the chef comments "i love your photos, they’re wonderful, you must have a very expensive camera." The photographer doesn’t reply and walks into the dining room. After dinner the photographer approaches the chef and says "dinner was sensational, very exquisite flavors, a true work of art, you must have a very sophisticated stove.”


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I'm too sexy for my shirt

Check out this fun video slideshow using only unedited images from a recent photo shoot with the multi-talented and beautiful model Kahla Grey. You can also view more of Kahla's photos in her model gallery.

Model Kahla GreyI'm too sexy for my shirt

I'm too sexy for my shirt from Colby Files on Vimeo.





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Feature in PUMP Magazine

Pump Magazine published a "Behind the Scenes with the Colby Files" feature. Its always fun to see your work in print and the best part is that sixteen of my models were also published in the feature. Below is Pump's cover and tear sheets from the feature.

A special thanks to all the wonderful models and stylists for participating in my artistic dreams.   


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Model Allie Summers....she is a "Maneater"

The slideshow video consists of over 80 unedited images from this shoot with Allie. Amazing. You can view edited versions from my shoots with Allie in her gallery. And while you are at it, there is another slide show in her gallery from our first shoot which is also wonderful.  

Warning...mature viewing.  Watch  for the edited images coming soon!!! 

Allie Summers ManeaterAllie Summers Maneater

Allie Summers - Maneater from Colby Files on Vimeo.



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The Salton Sea Shoot

On a spring day in Southern California, two photographers and two models commandeered several locations in the Salton Sea. My photographer friend C. Edward Brice recorded some history at a stop along our shooting route at this abandoned house. Check out his video. Models: Madison Kaapke and Jami Watts, video by C. Edward Brice and the photos by me. 


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Running with Wolves Running with WolvesRunning with WolvesModel Aurora O'Brien This was a project that took a while to bring to fruition. The lovely model, Aurora O'Brien, was shot in studio. The other elements were selected from stock photos I purchased from various sources. The forest background came from iStock Photo and the hawk and wolves come from Dollar Photo. The stock elements and my original photo with Aurora are presented below. Compositing is something I love to do, but admittedly I have a long way to go to develop the skills of the artists I follow and admire aurora in studioOriginal photoAurora in studio Night forestNight scene of autumn forest in Thuringia, Germany purchased from iStock Photo WolfStock image purchased from Dollar Photo WolfRunning wolf purchased from Dollar Photo WolfGrey wolf image purchased from Dollar Photo hawkRed footed falcon in flight stock image purchased at Dollar Photo




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Exciting new Book Collaboration

I am uber excited to announce today a book collaboration combining my Photography with Caroline Julia Moore’s Fine Digital Artistry. Each project will be brilliantly illustrated from concept to a fine wall art piece. Our book will include behind the scenes shots of a photoshoot, raw unedited images, the final edited photograph and finally brought to life in a Fine Digital Art composition. Each project will include interesting footnotes about the photography, location, model and in some cases poetry inspired by the art. We already have several images/stories completed. I am thrilled to embark on this next chapter in my artistic journey.The raw unedited image on the right is an example of a starting image that would ultimately be composited to the amazing Fine Art piece below. 

If you are a model that would like to be part of this beautiful book, please read the shooting details on this website and then contact me to discuss how you fit with my shooting goals. 



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What Models do between Sets Megan Brock rocking out between sets during a recent photo shoot. Jami Watts providing clap percussion. Megan rocking out  


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2014 in Review About this time of the year, its always fun and interesting to review my growth and note the accomplishments for the past year. Its also a time to reflect about where I am in my artistic journey and where I want to be. While the year yielded a few successes for me, I am at a place in my artistic life where I want, and need, to evolve to a truer place about what really interests me and moving in that direction. But that is a whole separate blog. For now the accomplishments I am most proud of.

For the past 2 years I have been entering the Model Mayhem Pic of the Day contest when I felt I had a photo worthy of entering. This has been a private goal and I never mentioned entering the contest for fear that I might get votes from my friends. I wanted the photo to win on its own merits.

Now, i must mention at this point that I am not a huge fan of the Model Mayhem site, but as a rule the contest has some amazing, high quality images. Anyway…. Model Mayhem Pic of the Day Contest Winner, Dec 13, 2014Model Megan Brock

I finally won the contest on September 9th with a photo taken with the amazing model Madison Kaapke. This images is still one of my most favorite images. It projects a soft vulnerability and yet very mysterious vibe. What is she thinking? I loved shooting Madison and plan to shoot with her again next year.

Two months later on December 13th I won the contest for the second time with model Megan Brock. This photo was taken at my buddy Dave Kelley’s cabin. Dave actually assisted me by holding the flash outside of the house and aimed through the blinds. Orienting the image 90 degrees clockwise created a mysterious feeling of “how did you do that?” Megan is such a delight to work down to earth and so much fun.

My favorite photo sharing site is 500px. Both of these photos along with about a half dozen others rose in popularity to not only reach “Page One” of the site, but right up near the top of the page. Quite an honor considering the photographers posting on 500px are considered among the best in the world.

Published Winter Edition RUNWAY Magazine, Table of Contents pageModel Marlow DeVonne I was published in two magazines this past year. The one I am most proud of is my photo being chosen for the Table of Contents page of RUNWAY Magazine, winter edition. This famous fashion magazine is sold in bookstores and newsstands all over the world. The second magazine was IKON, which is an online magazine but regarded as one that is committed to high fashion art. Again, my photo was on the Table of Contents page followed by a four page spread. Marlow DeVonne was actually my model for both of these publications. Our team also consisted of C. Edward Brice and Anthony Leroux. We shot in Sedona.

Most important is my growth as an artist, making new friends, shooting wonderful models and traveling to beautiful places to shoot. Lets see what 2015 has in store for us. 

Published in November Issue of IKON MagazineModel Marlow DeVonne Published in IKON Magazine, November 2014 IssueModel Marlow DeVonne

The above two photos and three other appeared IKON

Other Links:
My Portfolio
Model Mayhem
email: [email protected]


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The Legend of Sedna the Sea Goddess  

The Legend of Sedna the Sea Goddess

The legend of how Sedna became a sea goddess is told throughout the Arctic. The story varies from one region to the next. However, in all versions, a young woman becomes the mother of all sea creatures. As the sea goddess, Sedna has dominion over her creatures and controls the availability of seal, walrus, fish, whale, and other sea animals to Inuit hunters. This version is a compilation of many Sedna stories.

Once there was a young woman named Sedna. She lived in the Arctic with her mother and father. She loved her mother and father very much and was very content. Her father was a skilled hunter, so he provided very well for his family. Sedna had plenty of food and warm furs to wear. She liked the comfort of her parent's home and refused to marry. Many Inuit men desired Sedna for a wife and asked her parents for permission to marry her. But Sedna refused them all. Even when her parents insisted it was time for her to marry she refused to follow tradition and obey them.

This continued for quite some time, until one particular Inuk came to visit Sedna. This man promised Sedna that he would provide her with plenty of food to eat and furs for clothes and blankets. Sedna agreed to marry him. After they were man and wife, he took her away to his island. When they were alone on the island, he revealed to her that he was not a man at all, but a bird dressed up as a man! Sedna was furious, but she was trapped and had to make the best of it. He, of course, was not a good hunter and could not provide her with meat and furs. All the birdman could catch was fish. Sedna got very tired of eating fish every day.

They lived together on the island for a time, until Sedna's father decided to come and visit. Upon seeing that his daughter was so unhappy and that her husband had lied to her, he killed the birdman. Sedna and her father got into his kayak and set off for home. The birdman's friends discovered what they had done and wanted to avenge the birdman's death. They flew above the kayak and flapped their wings very hard. The flapping of their wings resulted in a huge storm. The waves crashed over the small kayak making it almost impossible to keep the boat upright.

Sedna's father was so frightened that the storm would fill his kayak with water and that he would drown in the icy waters that he threw Sedna overboard. He thought that this would get the birds to stop flapping their wings, but it did not. Sedna did not want to be left in the water, so she held tightly to the edge of her father's boat and would not let go. Fearing that she would tip him over, the father cut her fingers off, one joint at a time. From each of her finger joints different sea creatures were born. They became fish, seals, walruses, and whales.

Sedna sank to the bottom of the ocean and there became a powerful spirit. Her home is now on the ocean floor. If you have seen her, you know she has the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish.

Sedna now controls all of the animals of the sea. The Inuit who rely on these animals want to maintain a good relationship with Sedna, so that she will continue to allow her animals to make themselves available to the hunters. Inuit have certain taboos that they must follow to keep Sedna happy. One of these says that when a seal is killed it must be given a drink of fresh water, not salt water.

If the hunters do not catch anything for a long time, the Shaman will transform himself into a fish. In this new form, he or she will swim down to the bottom of the ocean to appease Sedna the Sea Goddess. The Shaman will comb the tangles out of Sedna's hair and put it into braids. This makes her happy and soothes her anger. Perhaps it is because Sedna lost her fingers that she likes to have her hair combed and braided by someone else. When she is happy, she allows her animals to make themselves available to the hunters. Animals do not mind giving themselves up to provide food, clothes, and shelter for the Inuit.

© Lenore Lindeman, 1999.
Moore Charles. 1986. Keeveeok, Awake! Edmonton: Ring House Gallery. p. 9–10.

Okay, as is the case with most of these mythical legend stories, it's kinda well, silly. Don't blame the messenger lol.

Model is Alanna Rae Canez. I took the photo of the lighthouse near Monterey, California.



(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) beauty composite art correction eye eyes glamour model modeling photo art photography photoshop thecolbyfiles Mon, 28 Jul 2014 14:17:28 GMT
Kahla Marie can model for me anytime....


Model Kahla Marie

The photos of Kahla in the left column reached the "Popular" status and rose to page 3 and 5 (respectively) on 500px. Both have also had thousands of views on the Flickr photo sharing site. Interestingly, neither photo got much play on Facebook. I have shot with Kahla three times and on each occasion had an amazing outcome. You can view more images of Kahla in her gallery.  


News.... I will be shooting in Zion National Park and Vegas the last week in May. If you are interested in shooting, please contact me. I am looking to shoot "Artistic Moods and Nudes" for my upcoming table book. You can read about that here. 




Shoot Information





(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) artistic nudes beauty blog colbyfiles glamour modeling mood art photography thecolbyfiles Sun, 11 May 2014 18:43:23 GMT
Don't like the eyes in your image? Get new ones! I was recently editing a head shot for a client and noticed a strange reflection in the iris of the model’s eye. I finally figured out that there was a funky reflection off her contacts that had a weird metallic glow along with a jagged pattern rather than a symmetrical shape as you would expect.  In a nutshell, there was not much I could do with the eyes. But, this was a close up head shot and the eyes had to be perfect.    Long LoveModel Brittany Boysel

Before - Observe the funky iris color and sharp unsymmetrical state

So, how important are the eyes of your modeling subject? Very important. They must be in focus, sharp and crisp. How many times are the eyes out of focus on your favorite shot? Hate when that happens. And focus is only one of many potential problems that can exist with subjects eyes. So what did I do to fix my clients eyes? I gave her NEW eyes. :)
New eyeNew eye
I selected this for the new eyes
Luckily, I have a ton of photos where I have beautiful brown eyes. So, I just borrowed some. The process is very simple actually. Place the new eyes on a layer above the main image layer, reduce the opacity just enough so that you can see the original eye below. Use the transform tool to size, rotate and place the new eye into position. Then drag the new eye layer below the main image layer. Lastly, simply erase the eyes on the main image layer to expose the layer below with the new eyes. Increase the opacity on the eye layer to your liking.
  The starting background image After - The new eyes  
I created a separate layer for each eye. To fine tune the eyes, I added adjustment layers to each eye for Hue and Saturation, Curves, Levels, Sharpen and clipped each adjustment layer to the eye layer. I then grouped each eye layer and their adjustment layers to keep it all organized. 
I placed a final layer at the top of the stack to paint black around the eye to blend it into the eye socket and face.
The below screen shots of the Photoshop layers reveal how this simple process is done. One image shows the groups expanded so the layers are exposed. 
Your welcome :)
second background with sky The layer groups   Darker sky image for more dramatic effect Layers with groups expanded    


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) beauty composite art correction eye eyes glamour model modeling photo art photography photoshop replace thecolbyfiles tutorial Fri, 09 May 2014 05:53:09 GMT
Important People
  Important People

Social Media’s have created a new kind of imposter: the “Important Person”. There are actually two kinds of important people: those who really are important and those who use social medias to create the perception of being important.

You have seen the posts ladened with clever, witty, “look at me” kinds of posts. Sometimes the post takes on the “look at how that person is not as good as me” inference. In reality, most of the time these “important people” never have a good idea of their own, but rather take someone else's thought, embellishes it a bit, and then posts it as their own thought or idea. Makes them look important.

And as much as I hate to admit it, we artists are the some of the worst offenders of “self anointed important people”. My suggestion is to spend more time creating and less time boasting. Let your art do the talking for you and the rest will take care of itself. Even this blog is a total waste of time. Back to work.

On an unrelated topic, the lovely model in the photos is Shay Iverson. You can view more of Shay in her gallery here.





Shoot Information






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Just tell me what if feels like...

The lovely model in the photo is Ashley Sand. You can view more of her photos here


Last weekend I visited Colorado. First time I have been back to my home stomping grounds for many years. We hit it just right to encounter snow and very cold weather conditions. Here is my point...
Mr. Weatherman, please just tell me what the temperature feels like. I don't want to hear that it's minus three degrees with a windchill of minus fifteen. Just tell me "The temperature feels like -15 degrees. That's all I care about. 
Thank you. 


You can view my portfolio here.

I have two sources of photo shoot inspiration. Website and Pinterest. You will need to message me on Facebook to get the password for my inspiration folders here on this website.

If you choose to work with me, you will need to read my "Model Shoot" Information page here.




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Newport Beach Shoots in April

The lovely model in the photo is Taylor Bryne. You can view more of her photos here

The beautiful Milania Marie. You can view more of her photos here.

Charlotte Sloughs

I will be shooting in the Newport Beach, CA area on April 3 through April 7. If you are interested in shooting, please contact me. I am looking to shoot high glamour and also "Artistic Mood" for my upcoming table book. You can read about that here.




Shoot Information



Model Taylor Cuqua



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My Cheesy Zip Line Tour Video

We rang in the new year in California this year. One day of our vacation was spent experiencing the Zip Line Tour on Catalina Island. I have had a life-long fear of heights, so this was one of those benchmark events for me. Granted the video is not very professional, but its a fun record of the event. 


Zip Line Tour - Catalina Island



(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) catalina island line thecolbyfiles tour zip Sun, 05 Jan 2014 04:28:09 GMT
Just seems to me..... SublimeSublime

It just seems to me like there are two categories of photographers. Those that are competitors and those that are artists. 

Competitors compete.

Artists share.

I prefer to hang out with non ego types that are willing to share, teach and learn from each other. 



  The beautiful model is Colleen Miller


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 30 Sep 2013 14:39:22 GMT
Moods, Emotion and Expression.....

I am really into the "moody" kind of look these days. Images that evoke emotion or expression. This look can be applied to many genres of photography and be effective if presented properly.

The lovely model is Djennipher Goodacre and more of her images can be viewed here




(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 02 Sep 2013 18:10:24 GMT
Once in a Great While.... ... you meet a person that you just connect with. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the amazing Nicole Renee Jones on multiple occasions. Not only is Nicole an incredible model, but more importantly a genuine jewel of a person.

In a day when girls her age are making fools of themselves twerking on YouTube and the VMA awards, posting daily drama on Facebook, tweeting vulgarities, Nicole lives her life as a single mother and role model. She is one of the most positive persons I know, building a very successful business...and….loves country music? Are you kidding me?

In our most recent shoot, Nicole wanted to preserve for all time her youth and beauty in a very subtle, beautiful and artistic way. I think we did that very well.

But then again, those of us who know her realize that her inner beauty will live on for ever.

You can view Nicole’s gallery on this website here.

(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 26 Aug 2013 15:31:29 GMT
I might be better than my last photo....

The lovely model in the photo is Kahla Marie. You can view more of her photos here

There is a fallacy, in my opinion, that a photographer is only as good as his last photo. I for one am not always as good as my best photograph. Nor, am I as bad as my worst photo. I am just plugging along doing the best I can to improve, learn and have fun doing it.

So chill.



(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) blog colbyfiles glamour kahla marie photography thecolbyfiles Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:39:22 GMT
Out of Gas? I did something last night that I have not done for maybe 20 years. Ran out of gas in the middle of an intersection. Luckily I managed to coast out of the intersection and partially into the entrance of a McDonald's. So there I was, with the rear end of my car blocking a lane of traffic and also the entrance to McDonalds. I had just drove the few blocks to my daughters school to pick her up from a function, so I went barefooted. Nice. I would like to thank the two young ladies who were all dressed up, including high heels, who helped push me out of the street and into the parking lot. My wife is not happy with me lol. 

The beautiful model in the photo is Amanda Rae

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The Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

Getting to work with professional photographers, models, hair and makeup artists is one of the most fun, energy filled, fast paced experiences I have ever been a part of. After a successful model shoot, I am beat up, sore and exhausted...and the models will tell you the same thing. For a model, hitting and holding that pose is like doing 3 hours of yoga. For the photographer its squatting for getting that perfect angle, on your knees, lying on the floor, climbing ladders, etc etc. If it sounds like I am me, I am not. I love my job.

In the videos below, you will get to see what it is like to work on the set with these professionals. Perhaps one day, I’ll have a video made during one of my shoots.

The first video is with one of my most favorite photographers Arthur St. John. This is a good example of how a team comes together to create incredibly beautiful images.

Note: You may have to move the volume sliders below each video to get sound.

In this second video, Luxbot Lacheln is recorded during one of her shoots from some years back. It is a good example of how great models move fluidly to hit poses. I have had the opportunity to work with this amazing international model and we are planning more shoots. The final result of a photo shoot is highly dependent on the experience and skills of both model and photographer. Lacheln ranks at the top of my list of best models I have had the pleasure to shoot. This final video is an example of how a model can work on a simple white background and yet give dozens of poses. Posing and facial expressions are what separates the novice from the professionals. The way to improve both is to practice, practice and more practice.    


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Luxbot Lacheln arthur st. john hair makeup models photo shoot photographers posing stylists Fri, 04 Jan 2013 18:06:39 GMT
My Photography Goals for 2013


  1. Open my own studio and share it with other photographers and models. Develop a MeetUp group that uses and supports the studio.
  2. Meet and work with the best models and photographers.
  3. Organize a week of shooting models in Tucson, Flagstaff and Los Angeles
  4. Win the Model Mayhem Pic of the Day contest
  5. Add at least two new lenses and a camera body. One lens being the 16-35mm.
  6. Expand my photography by doing more landscape, scenery and street.
  7. Post less photos on Facebook and more on the website, especially artistic in nature.
  8. Expand skills in HDR, compositing, and other post processing techniques.
  9. Shoot more, practice more, study more.
  10. Earn a little money...but remember that to have fun is the most important thing.
  The lovely model in the photo is Percolate Deuce    


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) 2013 goals new years percolate deuce photography resolutions Mon, 31 Dec 2012 16:11:56 GMT
Models: Should you have nudes in your portfolio?

Should models do nude photography? Will it affect your modeling career? Who can you trust to do the photography? What are your rights after the photos are processed? Inevitably, every model will have to answer these questions. The correct answers lie in each person individually, how you choose your photographer and your approach the shoot.

Artistic Nude Image First of all, there is no rule that says you have to do nude photography. I know an agency owner, well known for her instructing, who has never been photographed, or even seen, in a bikini...let alone nude. Do not allow anyone to convince you that a few nude photographs in your portfolio are necessary. Conversely, accept that tastefully presented artistic nude portraits is not career suicide. This is a personal choice decision.

A few simple planning steps are certainly worth considering once you have decided to commission a photographer for a nude shoot. More than likely you have several photographers in your Facebook friend list. Research their personal websites or Model Mayhem accounts to view how they present nudes. How well are the models posed? If you see spread eagle photo’s or breasts simply aired to the wind, move on to the next person. Pay attention to artistic concepts, use of light, color, focus, lines and curves. Are the post processing techniques esthetically appealing? See what catches your eye and note them.

Interview your photographer. Have a vision of what you want in your photos and explain it to your photographer. Talk openly with them and ask questions. Proceed with a photographer only if you feel completely comfortable and confident in them.

Discuss the ownership or licensing rights of your photographs. If you do not want to see your photos show up on social networking sites, make that a firm requirement of your contract. Discuss tagging that can be indexed by the search engines. The bottom line is communicate with your photographer and make sure you understand and agree to the terms of the contract/release.

After delivery of your photos ask yourself if you LOVE them. If you do, make it a part of your portfolio, own it, and be proud of your magnificent artistic creation. Anything less than love it, archive it. If you are not completely happy with the photo, chances are others will not be either.

Artistically manifested, there is no more beautiful image than that of the male and female form. Still, each individual can and should decide if they want to reveal theirs to the world. If you do, embrace it, enjoy it and be proud of it

There is much more that can be discussed on this topic, but perhaps this can be a starting point for you while contemplating this decision.


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) artistic nudes modeling models nude Sun, 30 Dec 2012 15:27:02 GMT
Colby's Lucky 13 Rules

Model Nicole Renee Jones

Model Nicole Rene Jones


1. Get Started
I believe that not much happens of any significance when we're in our comfort zone. Take a step in faith to follow your dreams. Remember...the only failure in life is to never take the risk in the first place. "Security is for cadavers."

2. Never give up.
Almost nothing works the first time it's attempted. Just because what you're doing does not seem to be working, doesn't mean it won't work. It just means that it might not work the way you're doing it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

3. When you're ready to quit, you're closer than you think.
There's an old Chinese saying that goes like this: "The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed."

4. Surround yourself with good people.
Hire the best. Pay them the best. Treat them the best. Expect their best.

5. Take things one day at a time.
No matter how difficult your situation is, you can get through it if you don't look too far into the future, and focus on the present moment. You can get through anything one day at a time.

6. Always be moving forward.
Never stop thinking. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. The moment you stop improving your organization, it starts to die. Make it your goal to be better each and every day, in some small way. Small daily improvements eventually result in huge advantages.

8. Be quick to decide.
Read the book “Two Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard. Deal with things swiftly, decisively and move on. General George S. Patton said: "A good plan violently executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow." Maybe a little harsh, but I see his point.

9. Pay attention to your competitors, but pay more attention to what you're doing. Some goes for the people that don’t necessarily like what you do. You can’t control those things, but you can control what you do. Focus on that.

10. Anything that is not managed will deteriorate.
If you want to uncover problems you don't know about, take a few moments and look closely at the areas you haven't examined for a while. I guarantee problems will be found there.

11. Never let anybody push you around.
Realize that if you are successful, you will have a huge target on your back. But, never forget you have just as much right to what you're doing as anyone else.

12. Create your formula for success. Mine is:
Activity=Interest; Interest=Participation; Participation=Success; Success=$$

13. Don't take yourself too seriously.
Lighten up. Laugh. Often, at least half of what we accomplish is due to luck. None of us are in control as much as we like to think we are.




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I've never been in Cahoots The Last Leaf

I have been to a lot of places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito, either. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips, thanks to my job, friends and family. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump and I'm not much on physical activity.


Photo Model: Brittany Boysel








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Scan my QR Code to your Contacts List Add | PHOTOGRAPHY to your contacts by scanning this QR Label with your smart phone.
If you don't have a scanner click here for  iPhone or Android.







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Random Thoughts....Pets.   How is it that dogs poop more volume than they eat...I think I will name my next pet "peeve".        


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) Sat, 29 Dec 2012 16:19:37 GMT
Merry Christmas


I thought it would be perfect to post my first blog on this site wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. I have met some wonderful people and made the best friends of my life during this journey in the fashion/glamour/beauty/art photography world. Merry Christmas to you all. 

Special thanks to model Brit-e Trent. 


(Colby Files PHOTOGRAPHY) blog boudoir brit-e trent christmas first blog post Mon, 24 Dec 2012 18:20:57 GMT