My lifelong passions have been music and photography. As a full time freelance photographer, I have one goal when it comes to my create quality images that I can be proud of and have fun in the process. I like to photograph people in interesting light, unique settings with creative techniques...all in attempt to do the subject and/or project justice. I work in Phoenix, AZ and Newport Beach, CA specializing in female portraits, fashion art, model portfolios and fine art nude genres.

In the early years I worked my way through college doing photography for the local newspaper and drumming in local rock bands. During my stint working at my college newspaper, I created a monthly column that featured a photo layout and bio for college coeds. That was my introduction into photographing beautiful women. The photo’s were taken on black and white film for the newspaper so I also did all the darkroom work. Fun times.

After college I did a period of aerial photography. Living in a agriculturally based community, I was hired to photograph town's, farms, land sections and radio towers. It was fun work and made my airplane payment. The rest of my non-photography working career involved a stint with Union Carbide Corporation...just long enough to become vested for a retirement pension, and various entrepreneurial ventures. 

Things seem to come full cycle in life and here I am after retirement doing the same things I enjoyed in my college days. Music and Photography. I work hard at everything I do and desire to work with others willing to immerse themselves into developing something unique, creative and beautiful.