Model & Client Photo Shoots - Please read completely 

Please read this page completely and then complete the online Photoshoot Inquiry Form

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will browse some of the photo galleries while here. If you are interested in working with me these are the ways:

1.  You are paying me to shoot you. We’ll shoot whatever interests you. Paying clients always take precedence and move to the top of my schedule.

2.  A client is paying me to shoot you.  

3. I am paying you. I occasionally hire experienced professional models for a concept or specific project to be used in my commercial endeavors.

Ariana GonzalezAriana GonzalezCreative Portraiture Trade Shoots 
Generally speaking, either you are paying me or I am paying you. However, I will consider shooting TFP if you are an experienced professional model and:
4. You have a great idea which blows me away and I just have to shoot it.
5. You have a unique, exotic look or extraordinary beauty quality.
6. You have access to an amazing location, crazy cool prop/outfit that I couldn't otherwise get.
7. You are interested in creating something moody, emotional, artistic, thought provoking, controversial, heartwarming, bone chilling, wall art worthy.

To be considered for a trade shoot, models must be experienced (with a minimum of 25 photoshoots completed), comfortable with at least implied nudity and willing to come into the studio, or location open to a blank canvas “get the shot” kind of objectivity. Just do art, no restrictions or hesitations, all with the goal to create that moody-expressive-emotional kind of outcome. I only guarantee one image from the shoot (though there may very well be more). I may elect to use the photos in my book(s) or other commercial endeavors. Expenses such as studio rental, hair and makeup fee should be shared equally

To set up a shoot please complete my online photo shoot interest form and we will begin a dialog about making it happen. 

Show up and on time. Please communicate with me. No message or confirmation with me within three days of the shoot is an automatic cancellation. Escorts are always welcome, but please bring only one and someone who will not create stress or impede our creative efforts. No Glitter. No children or babiesNails should be freshly manicured. No glitter or bling on nails, lips or hair unless I have directed a MUA otherwise. No spray-on tans. All wardrobe should be in good condition, ironed or steamed and be camera ready to shoot. Bring outfits folded or on hangers so we can place them on a rack and view each outfit to decide the look we want to shoot. Please don't bring your entire closet crunched up in the bottom of a bag. Bring heels and accessories. Did I say no glitter? Sign a model release form. No photo's can be taken without a model release. See link below

Now, with the that business out of the way...the good stuff. Come with a smile on your face and let's have fun. I'll provide your favorite kind of music, water and/or soft drinks. This shoot is about you and I will do everything possible to make this a fun and exciting experience. I will work the lighting, the studio set, and direct you as much as needed to insure an amazing outcome. After your photos are posted on this site, please consider supporting my photography by purchasing a print, coffee mug, key chain, shirt, mouse pad or any other of the dozens of specialty items with your photo on it. I would appreciate it. Thanks, let's shoot!

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