Welcome Fellow Compositors
***totally still under construction, but it works :)***

This temporary "back door" entrance to my website is to offer content in addition to the free photos that I provide in your course material. A completely new website for modelphotos4sale.com is in the works as we speak. The images in these galleries are unedited photos from various model shoots that I have directed and shot over the last 6 years. Most of these images have never been seen by the public or even the models for that matter. They are raw, unedited and ready for you to work your compositing magic. Just extract the model and place on your background, or lay in your elements right on the model photo. Its all up to you. (Note: this page is not linked in the menu of the general website...so if you click into that portion of the site you will need to come back to ModelPhotos4Sale.com. Maybe you would like to bookmark it?). Sorry for the confusion...this will all be on its own website soon. 

All photos purchased here come with full commercial use license up to 10,000 units/sales. If you go over that lets talk and celebrate your amazing success. Big smile. 

Moving forward, with each of my new photoshoots I will be shooting my models more with the idea that the images might work in fine art composites. More full length body shots, interesting gestures and expressions, etc etc. I'll also begin to shoot male models and interesting couples. If you have an idea that would be cool, please let me know and I'll try to incorporate it into a shoot. 

Poetry in Motion SeriesPoetry in Motion Series New content will be added almost every day. I have literally tens of thousands of photos to eventually get up on the site. Plus, I am currently shooting at the rate of about 8 to 10 new models each month. Some are seasoned professionals and others are aspiring models. I specialize in female portraits, model portfolios,  fashion, mood art, and artistic nude. 

Check back often to see if new content might work for your fine art pieces. I hope you will consider purchasing one of my Annual or Lifetime memberships so that you will have continued access to all my photos. 

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  Master of TimeMaster of Time

Individual Photos - $9 each
This option allows you to stop by anytime and look for that one perfect photo, model pose, or fashion look that perfectly fits your vision. When you purchase a single photo you will instantly receive an email with the download link. 

Sets of Photos - $50
Allows you to access the "best of" images from a particular shoot or model, or a variety of shots from multiple model shoots. A real bargain and lowers the image price to just $5.55 per photo. When you purchase a set, you will instantly receive an email with the download link

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A New DimensionA New Dimension Annual Membership - $125 per year*

Download up to 27 images per month. That's the equivalent of .39 cents per image. Just Paypal me $125 and I'll send you the coupon code to use at check out.

 Lifetime Memberships - $200 one time fee*

Download up to 50 images per month, every month on all past, present and future photos. Just Paypal me $200 and I'll send you the coupon code to use at check out.

*these prices are introductory prices for a limited time only.

I have removed the password requirement so all you will have to do is register (once only) with your email address and start browsing photos. Remember, new content is coming...every day...check back often